Minibus Insurance - Coversure

Minibus Insurance

With our growing population and increasing family sizes (of all ages) a minibus purchase is now becoming an option for more and more people. We have a number of specialist insurance schemes in place to cater for any vehicles from 8 seats to 17 seats (including the driver) and will happily arrange insurance cover for all makes and models including ford transit, Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Traffic,Ldv Convoy and Mercedes Vito.

Our insurance policies will also offer cover for modified vehicles where seats are removed to cater for disabled access including insurance for vehicles that have a chair lift fitted.

We also have specialist insurance schemes for charities, churches, youth clubs, sports clubs and schools - our minibus schemes can offer cover for just one driver to any driver aged between 21 and 70.

Further to this our minibus insurance will come with (comprehensive cover) a guaranteed courtesy vehicle in the event of an insurance claim, £50,000 worth of legal protection insurance and free recovery from the scene of an accident where the vehicle is not driveable.

We also make sure that the passengers of your minibus are insured properly - offering unlimited liability cover for third parties.

Minibus Breakdown

In addition we have exclusive breakdown policies with The AA and the RAC - which can even extend to continental Europe - meaning if the worst should happen, you won't get left at the roadside.

Our breakdown policies will also cover you for home start, so if the engine lets you down before the trip starts, your minibus breakdown insurance policy won't!

For Charities

So what about lending your minibus to other charities in Aberystwyth?

No problem - we've devised a policy that allows you to do this. Under your section 19 permit, our insurance will extend to other organisations loaning your minibus - just ask us to include this extension to your minibus insurance policy and we'll be delighted to assist.

Minibus Insurance for Taxis

If you wish to have insurance in place for hire and reward - whether you require public or private hire insurance just ask. We have a number of specialist schemes in place that can insure almost any plated vehicle above 8 seats. Have a look at our taxi insurance pages for more details.
We can also assist with un-plated vehicles looking for insurance for airport runs, day trips and organised tours - give us a call to discuss your exact insurance needs.

Larger Vehicles

If you have insurance needs for a Aberystwyth based business vehicle with more than 17 seats including the driver - then no problem. We have coach insurance policies that will cover anything up to 56 seats for a multitude of uses including European tours and holiday clubs.