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Business and Company Car Insurance

We've been helping to insure cars for all manner of business uses for over 25 years. Our various insurance policies will cater for all manner of business related uses and provide you with the exact insurance policy to suit your needs.

If your car is owned by your employers but they require you to insure it we can help. If you need insurance for commercial travelling holding such occupations as a Sales Representative we can arrange this.

If you work as a health care professional and require insurance to cover patient visits, we can arrange this type of insurance policy without problems.

In addition, one of our most requested insurance policies, covers you if you have recently relinquished a company car and have had no private car insurance for some time. We have negotiated on your behalf with a number of insurance companies to provide discounts equivalent to holding your own no claims bonus - meaning your insurance prices will tumble with us!

Not only do we cover single vehicles, we have special fleet insurance policies to cover not only cars but a mixture of vehicles including commercial vehicles up to 44 tonne.

In addition we can arrange any driver policies to include insurance for under 25 year olds upon request. If you wish we can even cover the breakdown insurance (via RAC) at a fraction of the retail cost.

For a great price on single business car insurance or business fleet insurance, call us today on 0208 5347726 or 01792 446001.