Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Over the last few years, in the majority of cases, the costs of Pet Insurance in Afonwen have risen considerably. So what do you do?

There are a number of things that Coversure can help you with when looking for your pet insurance this year. Firstly, we have multi-pet insurance policies available, so if there are a number of pets requiring insurance cover in your household, we can extend some further insurance details your way.

With Coversure there is no need to consider reducing your pet insurance cover levels to combat higher costs. Here, we have access to the most competitive pet insurance policies available in the market and can tailor-make your pet insurance to fit your exact pet's needs and your budget.

Remember, it's vital in the modern age that you provide adequate insurance for your pet. Veterinary costs are forever on the increase it seems and nobody wants to be left facing those sorts of bills when a pet insurance policy from Coversure would have covered the costs for you.

Multi-Pet Insurance

Here in the UK we're a nation of pet lovers - latest figures suggest that almost half of the UK population now own a pet! Imagine that...over 11 million households and over 25 million pets all requiring pet insurance!

Insuring a second or thrid pet via our Multi-Pet Insurance scheme is easy to do. If you already have other pets insured elsewhere, simply add them to your existing pet insurance policy with us when they come up for renewal - and we'll calculate a discount for each additional pet insurance plan you take through us.

In addition, we'll extend this generous pet insurance discount for each pet you add to the policy