Classic and Collectors Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Here ar Coversure we recognise that insurance for your pride and joy must cater for every eventuality.

Our classic car insurance policies are designed with you in mind, offering end to end insurance protection on a range of vehicles, vehicle values and uses.

We'll offer agreed value classic car insurance, laid up insurance, exhibition and show insurance and of course every day use classic car insurance, even if you choose to commute to work in Afonwen - we'll provide an insurance policy designed to meet your needs.


What qualifies as a classic car?

We can arrange classic car insurance on any vehicle aged 15 years or older at the inception of the insurance policy. And don't worry, the car does not need to be particularly rare to get classic car insurance...or even valuable - we can arrange insurance for cars valued at anything over £1000.00

In addition, our classic car insurance can offer:

  • Agreed Value Insurance
  • Laid Up Insurance
  • Event / Exhibition Insurance
  • Wedding Hire Extensions


So what will Classic Car Insurance Cost?

Obviously, costs will vary. The cost of insurance for classic cars will depend on the vehicle being insured, your usage, the mileage you stipulate (some are limited mileage policies) and your garaging arrangements.

We can't predict the cost of your classic car insurance without speaking with you of course, but it's not uncommon to see Comprehensive Policies, with agreed values and low usage carrying insurance premiums of under £200

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