Road Risks Insurance

What is Road Risks Insurance?

Essentially, it's everything it says....

Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance will provide cover for your car(s) and / or other vehicles whilst also providing insurance for your customers vehicles whilst in your custody or control anywhere in the UK.

Typically a Road Risks Insurance policy will cover for "on the road perils" - meaning you have legal insurance cover for accidental damage as a result of a car accident, plus insurance for theft and attempted theft (depending on provider). However, if you are trading from your home address, please be aware that some motor trade insurance will not offer any cover within a 500 metre radius of the home address unless you are in the course of a journey - speak to our Business Insurance Specialists for precise advise on this.


Cover for your own vehicles   

Here at Coversure we can offer full road risks insurance cover to include any vehicle that you might own - whether or not it is used in connection with Afonwen based motor trade business that you operate or not. This can include full insurance cover for any high performance vehicles that you might own plus insurance for exotic marques, commercial vehicles and trucks.


Experience Discount

In addition to any motor trade no claims bonus that you have earned, we can also award enhanced insurance discounts for all of Afonwen customers if you've been in the motor trade for an extended period of time. An example of this might be if you've been working as a mechanic for 20 years, but have only traded as your own boss for the last 5 years - again, speak to our experts for the very best insurance advice. 


Monthly Payment Plan

We can guarantee to offer you the capability to pay monthly - regardless of previous credit history. All we ask is that you can pay a 20% deposit for your motor trade insurance prior to the insurance starting.